Two Worlds

Two Worlds was founded by famous medium Emma Hardinge Britten in 1887.

Now a 76-page monthly magazine, it is edited by Tony Ortzen. Tony has been involved in the paranormal for forty years. He has known and interviewed some of the world's leading mediums and acted as consultant to various publishing companies.

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This month's issue . . .

Two Worlds magazine cover

Two Worlds Are One

Editor Tony Ortzen calls for blanket ban on physical séances after a medium is filmed cheating. He also highlights readers' psychic stories sent to a national newspaper.

To touch souls

As the UK enjoys a hot summer, let's find a shady spot and cool off with some beautiful quotes about nature.

Dear Beccy . . .

Advice columnist Rebecca Weller tells how a much-loved monkey and Siamese cat gave evidence of their survival and investigates whether angels exist.

Write on!

Readers write on a variety of topics including organ transplants and declining congregations in churches.

Dialogue with heaven

Barbara White looks at various signs and signals sent from loved ones in the spirit world. Can birds, leaves or a feather really be a message from the Beyond?

Gauging guilt

During earthly life, all of us experience a kaleidoscope of mixed emotions. This month, John Clayman homes in on guilt.

Priceless jewels of the spirit

"When shadows cross your path, remember they are but shadows, not reality," says Silver Birch. "When clouds obscure the sun, remember they are but clouds."

Trust in trust!

Make a cup of coffee and join Mary Russell in her usual coffee break corner, where she meets some intriguing fictional characters.

Researcher weighs spirit form

Graham Jennings describes the astonishing gift of pioneer materialisation medium Elizabeth J. Compton.

Book reviews

Wearing his usual hat, Graham Jennings recommends a new title about spirit attachment.

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